Nature place

Χαλικόδρομος Μουσαμά, 133 44, Ano Liossia, Attica, Greece


Mountain biking

On the outskirts of Athens, there is a hill that can be easily accessed without a 4x4 vehicle. It is located about forty minutes away from the Acropolis and offers sleeping accommodations. Unlike other areas nearby, there is 4G internet service available. This spot offers various activities such as hiking on the 8.2km "Pikilo Oros Trail," mountain biking, and even motocross. It's a great place to take a break from the busy city and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. The spot is located at the intersection of rarely used dirt roads, providing plenty of flat areas for parking. Enjoy your stay!

Map of Nature place



We enjoyed a cool and peaceful night during the summer. However, the next morning a forest ranger kindly informed us that access to the mountain was prohibited due to the risk of fire during the drought.


There's a quiet spot above Athens that offers a beautiful view. However, a forest ranger warned us about the risk of wildfires and potential attacks. As a precaution, we decided to spend the night at a lower parking area, as suggested by the ranger. Please be careful and avoid any fires in that area.