Picnic area

Vereda Real De Cuenca A Cartagena, 02220, Albacete, Albacete, Spain


Mountain biking

This is a peaceful recreation and leisure area, perfect for cycling and hiking. It is located in a pine forest and offers playgrounds for children as well as designated areas for barbecues, although there are some restrictions. It's a great spot for an overnight stay, but keep in mind that you'll need to take a short detour from the highway.

Map of Picnic area



The weather is hot, even under the pine trees. It's dirty and full of flies. We stopped to eat and had a terrible experience, especially in the middle of July. Maybe it's acceptable as an emergency stopover for sleeping, but I would look for another place.


There is a great dirt track, approximately 4.5km long, perfect for a circular bike route. It crosses a wide firebreak and features swings and a zip line. The terrain is flat and there are not many people, making it an enjoyable spot to visit.