Nature place

The Birches, White Oak, BR8 7YL, Swanley, Kent, England, United Kingdom


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There is a dead end at the entrance to the country park. The park gate is closed during the night, but pedestrians can still access it. However, be aware that super long vehicles may have difficulty navigating through. Additionally, please note that there is now a height barrier in place.

Map of Nature place



Good place to spend the night or the day. There are only 2 parking spaces near the park, but more can be found in the vicinity, as long as you arrive in the afternoon/evening because it's impossible to find parking during the day.


This is a small park that holds nostalgic memories for me as I grew up here. I remember when they were creating the lake. I have enjoyed spending Friday and Sunday nights here. It's located near some houses, so I always make sure to be respectful and keep the noise down. The park is peaceful and offers a great environment for walking with my dog and reminiscing. There are also plenty of waste and dog poo bins available. I appreciate the recommendation!