Picnic area

Barrio Larreineta Auzoa, La Arboleda, 48520, Valle de Trápaga-Trapagaran, Biscay, Spain



Enjoy a picturesque and tranquil location near Bilbao for a memorable overnight stay. Take in breathtaking views of the city and waterfront while relaxing at a cozy picnic bench. Immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings as you observe cows and horses passing by.

Map of Picnic area



The location is incredibly beautiful with plenty of space, but it's best not to drive up from below. Google maps led me on an impossible route. Drive up the mountain and stick to the good roads, then it should work out. And watch out for cow dung, haha.


We were unable to reach the destination as the road suggested by Google Maps in Bilbo was difficult to navigate with a standard car due to its steep and narrow nature. However, the place itself is appealing and offers numerous attractions, including a beautiful view of the city.