Nature place

North Cray Road, DA14 5EP, Sidcup, Greater London, England, United Kingdom



This rest area is a great hidden spot that I have been visiting for more than 2 years. It's a fantastic place to take a break while traveling. I highly recommend it. The best part is that it's free and can accommodate up to 30 RVs on Leafield Lane or North Cray Road.

Map of Nature place



This is a picturesque location where you can park your vehicle and go for a leisurely walk in the meadows, fields, and past allotments. There is a lovely stream where you can also enjoy paddling, and an old churchyard from the 18th century nearby. There are bins available, but no other facilities. The only slight drawback is the sound of traffic from the A2, but the beautiful views and sunsets make up for it. We appreciate the recommendation.


The lay-by gets busy during the day, but it offers a good spot at night for observing foxes and keeping an eye out for potential illegal dumping (which prompted me to leave when I turned on the van flood lights). The noise from passing vehicles is not too bothersome, but unfortunately, there is a significant amount of litter, despite the presence of bins nearby.