Find each other outside.

Discover extraordinary parking spots, RV parks, campings, and create unforgettable memories with Wheelink's expansive network.

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Our mission

Connect people outside

Wheelink is a growing community of like-minded adventurers and your ultimate destination for discovering unique outdoor escapes. We're on a mission to unite people with the beauty of nature, the freedom of the open road, and the magic of starry nights. Through Wheelink, we're not just forging connections; we're nurturing a thriving community that shares a profound passion for the great outdoors. Our belief is simple: when humans connect with nature, they unlock the very best within themselves. Join us on this journey of adventure and connection.

Our values

Embrace the Journey.

At Wheelink, we embody resilience and adaptability as we navigate ever-changing landscapes. Positivity and gratitude are our compass, especially when the path gets tough. We understand the strength in seeking help from our fellow travelers. Our creativity and resourcefulness light the way.

Move with Purposeful Momentum.

We act with a sense of purpose, aligning our actions with the urgency our mission demands. Learning swiftly is our strategy, allowing us to invest in what truly matters. Achieving more with less is our mantra, sometimes even with a touch of duct tape. We make conscious choices about when to sprint and when to take a considered stride.

Cultivate Resilient Communities.

Our focus extends beyond the individual to the collective. We optimize for the well-being of our community and the many interconnected ecosystems we encounter. Trust and respect are the foundations we intentionally build upon. Diversity is not just celebrated; it's embraced as a profound strength.

Leave a Positive Impact.

Our passion fuels our mission to get more people outdoors because we believe in the innate connection between humans and nature. Love, we know, has the power to inspire action. We trust in the potential of humanity, at scale, to make a positive mark on our planet. Feedback is our guide for growth, and we actively seek, provide, and welcome it as a driver of progress.


A Warm Community of Road Adventurers

At Wheelink, we believe in the power of connection. Join our laid-back community of road trippers, where everyone is welcome, from seasoned travelers to those taking their first steps on the road. Share experiences, swap tips, and make friends who understand the allure of life on wheels.

Hidden Gems and Serene Spots

Get ready to uncover hidden gems and picturesque spots with Wheelink's easy-to-use map. We've gathered a collection of van-friendly campsites, motorhome stopovers, and caravan spots, lovingly recommended by fellow members. From breathtaking mountains to tranquil coastal retreats, our community has got you covered.

Share Your Road Stories

Tell your tales, and let the road be your storyteller. Share your van life stories, motorhome encounters, or caravan adventures with our close-knit community. Whether it's a mesmerizing sunset or a funny road encounter, your stories will bring smiles to fellow road explorers.

Roadside Gatherings and Get-Togethers

Feel the joy of belonging to a like-minded group. Wheelink keeps you informed about casual meetups, van gatherings, and caravan events in your area or wherever you're heading. No pressure, just a chance to connect and bond with fellow road wanderers.

Planning made be easy.

Planning your next road trip shouldn't be complicated. Wheelink's trip planning tool is straightforward and intuitive. Chart your route, find useful amenities, and discover charming attractions along the way. Traveling on the road should be relaxing, and we're here to make it easy.

Safety is Key

Your safety matters to us. Access helpful safety tips, advice, and resources from experienced road travelers. Stay informed about road conditions and potential hazards, so you can focus on enjoying your journey with peace of mind.