Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions on our FAQ page. Get insights on topics ranging from our services to policies, helping you navigate your journey with ease.

About Wheelink

How does Wheelink work?

Wheelink simplifies outdoor adventure planning, connecting you with a community of like-minded travelers. Whether it's camping or RVing, we make it easy to find and enjoy the perfect stay.

What is Wheelink?

Wheelink is a growing community of like-minded adventurers and your ultimate destination for discovering unique outdoor escapes. We're on a mission to unite people with the beauty of nature, the freedom of the open road, and the magic of starry nights. Through Wheelink, we're not just forging connections; we're nurturing a thriving community that shares a profound passion for the great outdoors. Our belief is simple: when humans connect with nature, they unlock the very best within themselves. Join us on this journey of adventure and connection.

Account & Settings

How can change my name?

Your name will never appear when you create a place or comment. You can change it in the app settings area.

How can change my email?

Your email is never public to anyone an you can change it in the settings area. From the app go to your profile and tap on the settings icon.

How can i delete my account?

You can delete your account the app settings. We will ask you why but this is only for us to know how to improve.

Privacy & Safety

Is my exact location shared?

No, your exact location is never shared, not to us and not to other users of Wheelink. When you use your "current location" we will only ever show it to you to help you orient yourself. An approximate location is shared with Wheelink which we use to let your friends know that you are in the area.

How can i contact Wheelink?

You can contact us either via your app in the settings area or if you're not comfortable with using that, you can write us at


A place needs to be updated. How can update it?

Wheelink is powered by the community, which means that anyone can submit updates to a place. To do this you click the edit icon while viewing a place.

How do I add a new place to Wheelink?

If you want to add a place to Wheelink you can do so by longpressing anywhere on the map.