The best places around Cherepovets

Explore the best places around Cherepovets and find your favorite locations.

  • nature

    Nature place

    Набережная Улица, 162673, Sudskoe, Cherepovetsky District, Vologda, Russia

    There is a peaceful location by the river where you can spend the night comfortably. It is convenien...

  • nature


  • nature

    Nice place to stay for a day or to sleep at night

    19-258н-002, 162572, Nifantovskoe, Sheksninsky District, Vologda, Russia

    This is a pleasant location where you can spend a day or sleep overnight. The area is secluded and o...

  • Camping Vetreno

    152771, Gorelovskoe, Breytovsky District, Yaroslavl, Russia

    Camping "Vetreno" is situated in a wonderful location and offers a friendly and welcoming staff. The...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Улица Набережная Реки Согожи, Yaroslavl, Russia

    The evening was enjoyable. Some locals swam in the late afternoon without causing any disturbances....

  • nature

    Ilyinskoe Lake

    161136, Ferapontovskoe, Kirillovsky District, Vologda, Russia

    Explore the serene Ilyinskoe lake, located near the Church of Ilya Prorok and a short distance from ...

  • picnic

    Parking lot on the shore of the Rybinsk reservoir

    152952, Ogarkovskoe, Rybinsky District, Yaroslavl, Russia

    A parking facility located near the Rybinsk reservoir shoreline....

  • Camping

    78к-0004, 152862, Kremenevskoe, Poshekhonsky District, Yaroslavl, Russia

    We stayed at this campground in our camper van. Although not a traditional campsite, it provided us ...

  • nature

    Nature place

    152972, Glebovskoe, Rybinsky District, Yaroslavl, Russia

    This is an excellent location for spending quality time with your family. You can enjoy various acti...

  • Camping

    78н-0338, 152830, Privolzhskoe, Myshkinsky District, Yaroslavl, Russia

    Welcome to our family camping and crafts center! We offer a peaceful and well-equipped campsite by t...

  • nature

    Volga Nature Retreat

    152610, Slobodskoe, Uglichsky District, Yaroslavl, Russia

    Discover the enchanting location by the Volga river. Experience a peaceful night away from busy road...

  • Camping

    Чигирево — Мицеево, 171571, Alferovskoe, Kalyazinsky District, Tver, Russia

    Camping is a popular outdoor activity where people spend time in nature, typically sleeping in tents...