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The best places around Estonia

Explore the best places around Estonia and find your favorite locations.

  • nature

    Nature place

    Upa — Leisi, 94339, Lööne, Saaremaa, Estonia

    There is a place in the forest with an asphalt surface that is easy to reach. There is also a sandy ...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Viluste — Lindora, 64216, Nohipalo, Põlva, Estonia

    There is a possibility of 24/7 parking availability....

  • Laaksaare Sadam

    Laaksaare-Piirissaare Jäätee, 62508, Parapalu, Põlva, Estonia

    The "Laaksaare sadam" offers paid parking, a 24-hour toilet facility, and other amenities. It serves...

  • Campsite on Kihnu

    88003, Linaküla, Pärnu, Estonia

    Stay at a campsite on Kihnu. Located near wooden huts and bike rental, camper pitches are close to a...

  • Otepää Adventure Center

    Tatra — Otepää — Sangaste, 67408, Nüpli, Valga, Estonia

    Otepää Adventure Center is a recreational facility situated in the Antsumäe recreation area. It offe...

  • Ermistu Puhkeküla

    Kalli — Tõstamaa — Värati, 88105, Ermistu, Pärnu, Estonia

    Ermistu Campsite offers a range of services, including a lovely roof terrace and bath island. Visito...

  • Beautiful Camping Area by the Sea

    Ranna Tee, 88326, Valgeranna, Pärnu, Estonia

    The camping site near the beach offers various amenities such as electricity, water supply, toilets,...

  • camping

    Solar Caravan Park

    Veikko-Tooma Tee, 88311, Lemmetsa, Pärnu, Estonia

    Solar Caravan Park, close to Pärnu (10 km) and Valgeranna (6 km), known for sandy beaches, is ideal ...

  • Good place to stay

    Nurme — Papsaare, 85004, Nurme, Pärnu, Estonia

    Find a comfortable place to stay....