The best places around Engels

Explore the best places around Engels and find your favorite locations.

  • nature

    Nature place

    Берёзовая Улица, 413153, Ternovskoe, Engelssky District, Saratov, Russia

    This is a good place to stay overnight by the Volga river....

  • Forest Fairy Tale

    Дачная Улица, 413046, Elshanskoe, Voskresensky District, Saratov, Russia

    "Forest Fairy Tale" campground is situated near Saratov, in the Resurrection district in Chardym vil...

  • Camping H2O Drive

    Малая Полянка, 413042, Elshanskoe, Voskresensky District, Saratov, Russia

    Rent kayaks, paddle boards, and tents at Camping H2O Drive. Enjoy a day out on the water, followed b...

  • nature

    Nature place

    413042, Elshanskoe, Voskresensky District, Saratov, Russia

    The location is not easily reachable, yet it is peaceful and exceptionally stunning....

  • picnic

    Picnic area

    Набережная Улица, 413042, Elshanskoe, Voskresensky District, Saratov, Russia

    This place offers a pleasant resting spot after a long journey. Access to the area requires a 4-whee...

  • Motorhome area

    412177, Vyazovskoe, Tatishchevsky District, Saratov, Russia

    Our fishing club is a fun and engaging community of people who share a passion for fishing. We organ...

  • off-road


    413072, Zorkinskoe, Marksovsky District, Saratov, Russia

    This is a picturesque location in a natural setting along the Volga river. It is suitable for smalle...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Р-158, 412522, Grachevka, Petrovsky District, Saratov, Russia

    Parking spot next to the road behind trees. Suitable for resting one night. Easy access for all vehi...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Коммунистическая Улица, 412958, Tersinskoe, Volsky District, Saratov, Russia

    This spot is located right by the Volga beach, surrounded by nature. There are a few trees providing...

  • picnic

    Asphalt and trees

    Р-158, 442400, Кондольский сельсовет, Penzensky District, Penza, Russia

    Asphalt is a type of material commonly used to pave roads, driveways, and parking lots. It is made f...

  • nature

    Nature place

    1-Й Луговой Проезд, 440023, Penza, Penza, Russia

    Located near the Sura River, this area is a popular spot for relaxation. It offers convenient parkin...