The best places around Smolensk

Explore the best places around Smolensk and find your favorite locations.

  • Feniks hotel

    66н-1814, 214532, Divasovskoe, Smolensky District, Smolensk, Russia

    The parking lot at Feniks hotel offers affordable and secure parking facilities. Electricity connect...

  • picnic

    Picnic Area

    Н11141, 213465, Mscislaŭ, Mogilev Region, Belarus

    Enjoy a serene picnic spot nestled amidst the lush woodlands. Easily accessible for all vehicles, it...

  • private-land

    Brothers Hotel! Restaurant 'Leonid'!

    Brothers Hotel, 215563, Beleninskoe, Safonovsky District, Smolensk, Russia

    Enjoy a comfortable stay at Brothers Hotel and indulge in a delicious dining experience at our on-si...

  • camping

    Recreation center Sandy Coast

    216524, Bogdanovskoe, Roslavlsky District, Smolensk, Russia

    The Sandy Coast Recreation Center offers various activities for people of all ages. Whether you enjo...

  • nature

    Forest place

    211510, Sianno, Vitebsk Region, Belarus

    A forest is a large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowth. It is home to various plants an...

  • picnic

    Forest Place

    Р87, 211510, Sianno, Vitebsk Region, Belarus

    An area filled with trees, plants, and wildlife is known as a forest. It is an important part of the...

  • off-road

    Off road place

    Больничная Улица, 172601, Zapadnodvinskoe, Zapadnodvinsky District, Tver, Russia

    There is a path that goes to the river beyond the last houses where people from the area often go to...

  • nature

    Nature place

    15к-505, 242747, Peklinskoe, Dubrovsky District, Bryansk, Russia

    A tranquil location situated in close proximity to the church, known for its stunning beauty and pea...

  • off-road

    Off road place

    58к-168, 182024, Kuninskaya volost, Kunyinsky District, Pskov, Russia

    There is a sand pit located at the edge of the village. Although it may not be extraordinary, it ser...

  • picnic

    Picnic area

    Торопаца — Жельно — Хотилицы, 172815, Khotilitskoe, Andreapolsky District, Tver, Russia

    There is a lovely picnic area by the lake where you can enjoy some recreational activities during th...