The best places around Tyumen

Explore the best places around Tyumen and find your favorite locations.

  • nature

    Nice point for relax

    Широтная Улица, 625007, Tyumen, Tyumen, Russia

    Find a peaceful spot to unwind...

  • nature

    Nice point to relax

    Пруд Лесной, 625007, Tyumen, Tyumen, Russia

    This place is a great spot to unwind and take a break from your daily routine....

  • nature

    Nature place

    625516, Andreevsky, Tyumensky District, Tyumen, Russia

    This beach has a convenient entrance for easy access....

  • nature

    Nature place

    71к-1702, 625504, Borovsky, Tyumensky District, Tyumen, Russia

    Spend a peaceful night surrounded by nature, sleeping under the trees. The soft ground beneath you i...

  • nature

    Body of water

    71н-1716, 625516, Andreevsky, Tyumensky District, Tyumen, Russia

    There is a serene body of water located 20km away from Tyumen that is highly favored by fishermen. A...

  • picnic

    Picnic area

    625519, Chervishevskoe, Tyumensky District, Tyumen, Russia

    Enjoy a wonderful picnic and a memorable night at a beautiful location close to a serene lake....

  • camping

    Recreation area on Lake Gurino

    65к-0003390, 623650, Tugulymsky, Sverdlovsk, Russia

    A forest recreational area by Lake Gurino offers a peaceful outdoor experience....

  • Camping

    627198, Chernakovskoe, Uporovsky District, Tyumen, Russia

    There is a camping option available near a hot spring. The cost is 400r per night. However, it is im...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Улица Морозовых, 623620, Talitsky, Sverdlovsk, Russia

    This peaceful spot is situated by a serene lake. It is easily accessible by all types of vehicles, w...

  • Truckstop

    Береговая Улица, 623630, Talitsky, Sverdlovsk, Russia

    We made a stop at a place called 'Kemping' which turned out to be a Truckstop. Despite the mix-up, w...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Голубые Озёра, 640014, Kurgan, Kurgan, Russia

    This location offers a serene atmosphere surrounded by clear blue lakes and a picturesque pine fores...

  • Private land

    «иртыш», 640040, Kurgan, Kurgan, Russia

    Tir Park is conveniently located near a bar-restaurant and the TUC distributor. Campers can park in ...

  • private-land

    Private land

    Паддок, 640007, Kurgan, Kurgan, Russia

    This parking lot is designed for travelers on long journeys with various vehicles like caravans, mot...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Проспект Конституции, 640008, Kurgan, Kurgan, Russia

    There is a serene and secluded spot in a pine forest that overlooks a tranquil lake. It offers a pea...