The best places around Alphen aan den Rijn

Explore the best places around Alphen aan den Rijn and find your favorite locations.

  • nature

    Nature place

    Verlengde Aarkade, De Bijlen, 2406 LD, Alphen aan den Rijn, South Holland, Netherlands

    Conveniently located near the city center, this place offers a peaceful environment in a quiet neigh...

  • Camping de Oude Rijn

    Westkanaalweg, 2461 GW, Ter Aar, South Holland, Netherlands

    Camping de Oude Rijn is a relaxed campsite located alongside a spacious canal. Here, guests can enjo...

  • Private land

    Korteraarseweg, 2461 GS, Ter Aar, South Holland, Netherlands

    Located in the heart of Holland's "Het Groene Hart," this area is situated in a region known for its...

  • Motorhome area

    Rijneveld, Rijneveld-Zuid, 2771 XT, Boskoop, South Holland, Netherlands

    Stay at "De Scheve Schoffel," a wonderful camper site nestled among the gardens of Boskoop. Enjoy am...

  • Motorhome area

    Aarlanderveenseweg, in het Noorden, 2421 LH, Nieuwkoop, South Holland, Netherlands

    Newly established beautiful parking area with clean facilities. Updated showers and toilets....

  • Private land

    Ofwegen, Ofwegen, 2481 KA, Woubrugge, South Holland, Netherlands

    Hoogmade is a village located just 9 km from Leiden, in the Kaag en Braassem region. It offers a rur...

  • camping

    Beautiful campsite in rural area

    Hollandse Boerderij, Meije, 2411 PK, Bodegraven, South Holland, Netherlands

    Discover a picturesque campsite nestled in a serene rural setting. Immerse yourself in the natural b...

  • Camping

    Frederikskade, 2355 AW, Hoogmade, South Holland, Netherlands

    Stay in a clean campsite on a farm, with a nearby port for yachts. Only a 20-minute bus ride (bus 18...

  • private-land


  • Private land

    Hazenpad, Tuinbouwgebied, 2371 AA, Roelofarendsveen, South Holland, Netherlands

    There is an RV area located behind a garden center. It offers a range of services including utilitie...

  • Campsite behind a former farm

    Achthovenerweg, Verspreide huizen, 2351 AX, Leiderdorp, South Holland, Netherlands

    Campsite located behind a former farmhouse. The campsite offers paved spots for campers. It serves a...

  • Private land

    Langelandsepad, Noordpolder, 2731 PX, Benthuizen, South Holland, Netherlands

    Stay at a peaceful hobby farm in the Dutch countryside. Reservation needed. Dogs allowed on a leash....

  • camping


    Willem Van Der Veldenweg, 2451 BB, Leimuiden, South Holland, Netherlands

    There is a wonderful campsite located on a farm in the countryside. It is budget-friendly and offers...

  • Ons Wijland

    Hofdijklaan, Overige, 2374 BS, Oud Ade, South Holland, Netherlands

    Ons Wijland is a small campsite located in the charming village of Oud Ade. With a cozy atmosphere a...

  • Private land

    Broekweg, Verspreide huizen, 2381 NL, Zoeterwoude, South Holland, Netherlands

    The campsite on the farm offers facilities like sanitation, electricity, and water filling services....

  • picnic

    Small picnic area by the water

    Bilderdam, Papenveer, 2451 CW, Ter Aar, South Holland, Netherlands

    There is a small picnic spot near the water. In the early evening, there is a lot of air traffic, bu...

  • private-land

    Private land

    Besjeslaan, Roomburg, 2314 AZ, Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands

    This property, located on the site of a former garden center, offers 5 parking spaces that can accom...

  • camping


    Kampeerhoeve Koole, in het Noorden, 2431 ZH, Noorden, South Holland, Netherlands

    This agricultural area is peaceful and offers a convenient location for walking and cycling. There i...

  • Camping Haasje 't

    Boekhorsterweg, Warmond buitengebied-Oosteinde, 2362 AH, Warmond, South Holland, Netherlands

    Camping Haasje 't in Oud Ade offers a pleasant location on the edge of a welcoming campsite with man...

  • Motorhome area

    Kaagweg, Abbenes Omgeving, 2157 LH, Abbenes, North Holland, Netherlands

    This farm offers a pleasant area for motorhomes. It has spacious plots with grass, perfect for two a...

  • Private land

    Jonge Zevenhovenseweg, in het Oosten, 2435 NA, Zevenhoven, South Holland, Netherlands

    There is a farm with a paved area for guests located behind the sheds where the machinery and animal...

  • Private land

    Zuidbuurtseweg, Zuidbuurt, 2381 LG, Zoeterwoude, South Holland, Netherlands

    We have a charming agricultural campground with well-maintained pitches. We offer amenities such as ...

  • Camping de Stochemhoeve

    Kanaalweg, Klein Cronestein, 2321 JZ, Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands

    Stochemhoeve Campsite: Small city campsite (8 spots) located 10 minutes by bike from Leiden city cen...

  • picnic

    Het Ecopad

    Zuidbuurtseweg, Zuidbuurt, 2381 LA, Zoeterwoude, South Holland, Netherlands

    There is a free drinking water stand with convenient access for both tall water containers and plast...

  • picnic

    Picnic area

    Geerweg, Verspreide huizen, 2381 LT, Zoeterwoude, South Holland, Netherlands

    Convenient parking available in a peaceful location, close to a recreational area....

  • motorhome

    Motorhome area

    Milandweg, 3474 KK, Zegveld, Utrecht, Netherlands

    There is a spacious parking area at a sports facility that includes 10 designated spots for motorhom...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Molendijk, Weijpoort, 2415 NA, Nieuwerbrug, South Holland, Netherlands

    A picnic table with some trash can be found near a stream. It is located close to a busy road, but b...

  • Camping

    De Hoef Oostzijde, 1426 AJ, De Hoef, South Holland, Netherlands

    Enjoy a cozy and welcoming camping experience on our farm, surrounded by two tranquil channels. Our ...

  • Camping

    Hellegatspolder, Sassenheim buitengebied Oost, 2361 NA, Warmond, South Holland, Netherlands

    This small campsite provides 8 spots for motorhomes in a challenging area. Amenities like bathrooms ...

  • Motorhome area

    Jachthaven, Sassenheim buitengebied Oost, 2172 JX, Sassenheim, South Holland, Netherlands

    To access the pitches in the marina, Jonkman, please approach the barrier and communicate via the in...

  • Motorhome area

    Jeugd Avondvierdaagse, Kort Haarlem, 2806 VE, Gouda, South Holland, Netherlands

    This is an official camper place in Gouda, provided by the municipality. Park your camper only withi...

  • camping

    Campsite Vlietland

    Rietpolderweg, Stompwijk, 2266 BM, Leidschendam, South Holland, Netherlands

    Vlietland Campsite offers a pleasant camping experience near a lake, just a short 15-minute bike rid...

  • Farm campsite

    Amstelkade, 3648 KA, Wilnis, Utrecht, Netherlands

    Enjoy a relaxing getaway at our farm campsite. Immerse yourself in nature and experience the tranqui...

  • Farmers campsite

    Boerderij de Boerinn, 3471 GM, Kamerik, Utrecht, Netherlands

    A location for farmers to stay while working on their farms. Features basic amenities such as shelte...

  • Camping

    Lisserweg, Lisserbroek Omgeving, 2165 AS, Lisserbroek, North Holland, Netherlands

    You can find paid motorhome pitches at Olmenhorst orchard, where you can park your motorhome. They h...

  • camping

    Koornmolen Camping

    Tweemanspolder, Recreatiepark De Korenmolen, 2761 ED, Zevenhuizen, South Holland, Netherlands

    This campsite is a small and beautiful place by the water. It has a free indoor pool and the pitches...

  • Camping Batenstein

    Van Helvoortlaan, Vogelkwartier, 3443 AP, Woerden, Utrecht, Netherlands

    Batenstein campsite is located in the city and is not accessible after 22:00. The campsite is under ...

  • Hafencamping

    Uiterweg, Uiterweg, 1431 AT, Aalsmeer, North Holland, Netherlands

    Hafencamping offers 6 pitches for mobile homes. To register, please visit the reception located at U...

  • Hofstede Kloosterstein

    Steinsedijk, Verspr. huizen Haastrecht Noord, 2851 LA, Haastrecht, South Holland, Netherlands

    Located on the outskirts of Gouda, our motorhome site offers a peaceful and scenic experience. With ...

  • Private land

    Oortjespad, 3471 GG, Kamerik, Utrecht, Netherlands

    Enjoy a serene rural getaway at a farmer's campsite with limited camper spots. This idyllic location...

  • camping

    Camping "Streefland"

    Provincialeweg West, Beneden-Haastrecht, 2851 EM, Haastrecht, South Holland, Netherlands

    The camping site named "Streefland" is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers a ra...

  • picnic

    Picnic area

    1e Poellaan, Van Rijckevorsel, 2161 LA, Lisse, South Holland, Netherlands

    There is a charming picnic area near a picturesque mill by the road. However, please note that there...

  • Camping Maaldrif

    Maaldrift, Maaldrift, 2241 BN, Wassenaar, South Holland, Netherlands

    Camping Maaldrif offers a pleasant camping experience with spacious grassy areas, both sunny and sha...

  • private-land

    Private land

    Provincialeweg Oost, Boven-Haastrecht, 2851 AD, Haastrecht, South Holland, Netherlands

    The pitch is situated near a dairy farm, offering a serene and peaceful environment for guests. Dogs...

  • Camping

    Beijerscheweg, Het Beijersche, 2821 NC, Stolwijk, South Holland, Netherlands

    There is a small campsite located on a farm, offering basic amenities and a hospitable atmosphere. T...

  • Campsite Konighofen

    Elsgeesterweg, Rijnsburg-Noord, 2231 NW, Rijnsburg, South Holland, Netherlands

    Campsite Konighofen offers a convenient and comfortable camping experience. The campground provides ...

  • camping

    Camping De Boogaard

    Hekendorpse Buurt, Hekendorpse buurt, 3467 PB, Hekendorp, South Holland, Netherlands

    Experience the serene beauty of Camping De Boogaard, nestled in a charming old orchard along the Dut...

  • Small, cozy campsite near Amsterdam

    Molenweg, 1436 BS, Aalsmeerderbrug, North Holland, Netherlands

    A quaint campsite close to Amsterdam....

  • picnic

    Nice coffee or lunch spot on the water

    Provincialeweg, Spengen, 3628 EV, Kockengen, Utrecht, Netherlands

    Discover a delightful coffee or lunch spot that overlooks the serene beauty of the water. Indulge in...

  • Private land

    Ijweg, Nieuw-Vennep Omgeving, 2152 NB, Nieuw-Vennep, North Holland, Netherlands

    Located in the charming village of Nieuw-Vennep, this farm offers a wonderful stay. With its friendl...

  • camping

    Farm campsite

    Zuid-Linschoterzandweg, 3425 EM, Snelrewaard, Utrecht, Netherlands

    Experience a myriad of activities at a budget-friendly farm campsite. Enjoy a range of affordable op...

  • motorhome

    Motorhome area

    Leidschendamseweg, West, 2716 MA, Zoetermeer, South Holland, Netherlands

    New car park near campsite with no restrictions. Close to metro stop, with bike paths and Country Pa...

  • Camping Molenwei

    Stompwijkseweg, Stompwijk, 2266 GC, Leidschendam, South Holland, Netherlands

    Campground Molenwei is located between four major cities, opposite the historic Drie Molens, only 2 ...

  • Camping

    Leidschendamseweg, West, 2716 MA, Zoetermeer, South Holland, Netherlands

    "De Drie Morgen" is a peaceful camping site located close to The Hague. It offers a serene and uncom...

  • Cozy mini campsite

    Hoenkoopse Buurtweg, Hoenkoopse buurt, 2851 AK, Oudewater, Utrecht, Netherlands

    A small and comfortable camping area....

  • Camperplaats Molenzicht

    Leidsevaart, in het Centrum, 2211 VR, Noordwijkerhout, South Holland, Netherlands

    Camperplaats Molenzicht provides 15 camping spots overlooking beautiful scenic views of bulb fields ...

  • Camping

    Oudhuijzerweg, 3645 TA, Vinkeveen, Utrecht, Netherlands

    Enjoy a beautiful nature campsite located conveniently between Wilnis and Vinkeveen. The campsite of...

  • picnic

    Picnic area

    Katwijkseweg, Rijksdorp met De Pan, 2242 PB, Wassenaar, South Holland, Netherlands

    Enjoy a picnic near a spacious horse-filled field. Accessible via the bike path along a bend in the ...

  • Private land

    Haanwijk, 3481 LH, Harmelen, Utrecht, Netherlands

    This motorhome offers a peaceful environment with beautiful panoramic views of the countryside. It i...

  • Camping Op Hoop van Zegen

    Westeinde, ten zuiden van de gemeente, 2211 XR, Noordwijkerhout, South Holland, Netherlands

    Camping Op Hoop van Zegen is a peaceful and tidy campsite located on a historic family farm amidst b...

  • camping

    Duinrell Holiday Park

    Duinrell, Duinrell Wassenaarse Slag, 2242 JP, Wassenaar, South Holland, Netherlands

    Stay at Duinrell Holiday Park for a minimum of 3 nights during peak months. It's a great destination...

  • Camping Het Lansingerland

    Hoeksekade, Bergse Nos, 2661 JL, Bergschenhoek, South Holland, Netherlands

    Camping Het Lansingerland is a small campsite located in Bergschenhoek. The pitches are situated in ...

  • camping

    Lindevelde Camping

    Camping Lindenveld, Duinrell Wassenaarse Slag, 2242 JP, Wassenaar, South Holland, Netherlands

    "Lindevelde" is one of the campsites available at the amusement park. It offers good value for money...