The best places around Capelle aan den IJssel

Explore the best places around Capelle aan den IJssel and find your favorite locations.

  • picnic

    Picnic area

    Prinses Beatrixlaan, Kralingse Bos, 3062 CM, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

    There is a parking lot available in the stunning park of Rotterdam, which offers a picturesque view ...

  • Camping Het Lansingerland

    Hoeksekade, Bergse Nos, 2661 JL, Bergschenhoek, South Holland, Netherlands

    Camping Het Lansingerland is a small campsite located in Bergschenhoek. The pitches are situated in ...

  • camping

    Koornmolen Camping

    Tweemanspolder, Recreatiepark De Korenmolen, 2761 ED, Zevenhuizen, South Holland, Netherlands

    This campsite is a small and beautiful place by the water. It has a free indoor pool and the pitches...

  • camping


    Kanaalweg, Blijdorpsepolder, 3041 JE, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

    Bus 33 will take you to the city center, which is just 5 minutes away from the stop behind the camps...

  • Motorhome area

    Poldersemolenweg, Vinkenwaard, 2952 BP, Alblasserdam, South Holland, Netherlands

    There is a paid parking space available for mobile homes. It is well-maintained and offers a clean e...

  • Camping

    Lekdijk, Dijkgebied-Nieuw-Lekkerland, 2957 CA, Nieuw-Lekkerland, South Holland, Netherlands

    This campsite offers four classic pitches and approximately 24 campsites. There are four recently re...

  • Camping

    Jachthaven Barendrecht, Achterzeedijk Oost, 2991 SB, Barendrecht, South Holland, Netherlands

    Recreatiepark de Oude Maas is a pleasant campsite located on a marina, approximately 10 kilometers e...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Zijdeweg, Oud-Alblas-Buitengebied-Noord, 2969 LC, Oud-Alblas, South Holland, Netherlands

    This is a pleasant location situated alongside a canal and bike path. There may be some noise from t...

  • Motorhome area

    Noordvestsingel, Schiehart, 3119 DC, Schiedam, South Holland, Netherlands

    Camping car parking with 6 spots near a canal and a mill....

  • Motorhome area

    Oosteinde, Oud-Alblas-Oost, 2969 AS, Oud-Alblas, South Holland, Netherlands

    Enjoy motorhome parking for around 20 vehicles with a view of a charming windmill. Price covers elec...

  • Motorhome area

    Jeugd Avondvierdaagse, Kort Haarlem, 2806 VE, Gouda, South Holland, Netherlands

    This is an official camper place in Gouda, provided by the municipality. Park your camper only withi...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Kandelaarweg, Noord Kethel, 3047 EV, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

    This parking area is available for hikers and dog walkers. Overnight stays are permitted, but please...

  • Camping

    Beijerscheweg, Het Beijersche, 2821 NC, Stolwijk, South Holland, Netherlands

    There is a small campsite located on a farm, offering basic amenities and a hospitable atmosphere. T...

  • picnic

    Picnic area

    Peilkade, Vriesenpolder, 3356 LR, Papendrecht, South Holland, Netherlands

    This hiking area features a small parking lot and three picnic tables. However, please note that the...

  • Camping

    Rotterdamseweg, Ackersdijk, 2629 HE, Delft, South Holland, Netherlands

    This campsite offers spacious pitches for motorhomes in a beautiful natural setting. It is a naturis...

  • motorhome

    Parking Dordrecht

    Weeskinderendijk, Weeskinderendijk en Dokweg, 3314 CM, Dordrecht, South Holland, Netherlands

    Parking in Dordrecht is a convenient option for exploring the city's historic center. The parking is...

  • Delflandhoeve

    Schieweg, Schieweg, 2627 AS, Delft, South Holland, Netherlands

    Delflandhoeve is a peaceful campsite located on Schieweg 166 in Delft. It offers a tranquil setting ...

  • camping

    Camping "Streefland"

    Provincialeweg West, Beneden-Haastrecht, 2851 EM, Haastrecht, South Holland, Netherlands

    The camping site named "Streefland" is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers a ra...

  • Mini Camping

    Elzenweg, Bleskensgraaf-Buitengebied-Zuid, 2971 LA, Bleskensgraaf, South Holland, Netherlands

    Enjoy a delightful experience at Mini Camping, a lovely farm operated by a friendly family. You may ...

  • Camping

    Abtswoude, Negenhuizen en Zouteveen, 2636 EE, Schipluiden, South Holland, Netherlands

    There are four tent fields available, surrounded by the beauty of nature. The top field has space fo...

  • Hofstede Kloosterstein

    Steinsedijk, Verspr. huizen Haastrecht Noord, 2851 LA, Haastrecht, South Holland, Netherlands

    Located on the outskirts of Gouda, our motorhome site offers a peaceful and scenic experience. With ...

  • Motorhome area

    Baanhoekweg, Spaarbekken, 3313 LA, Dordrecht, South Holland, Netherlands

    This location offers a beautiful view of the marina, and is perfect for cycling enthusiasts. The har...

  • motorhome

    Motorhome area

    Oosthavenkade, Oostbuurt, 3134 NX, Vlaardingen, South Holland, Netherlands

    There is parking available near the docks for up to 4 motorhomes. Please note that the parking area ...

  • private-land

    Private land

    Provincialeweg Oost, Boven-Haastrecht, 2851 AD, Haastrecht, South Holland, Netherlands

    The pitch is situated near a dairy farm, offering a serene and peaceful environment for guests. Dogs...

  • Camping

    Hogedijk, Bovenstad, 2861 GD, Bergambacht, South Holland, Netherlands

    This campsite has a small grassy area and basic facilities. It is operated in a traditional manner a...

  • Camping het Loze Vissertje

    Loswalweg, Van Ravesteijn-erf en omgeving, 3315 LB, Dordrecht, South Holland, Netherlands

    Camping Het Loze Vissertje is a well-equipped campsite that offers a clean and well-maintained park....