The best places around Giugliano in Campania

Explore the best places around Giugliano in Campania and find your favorite locations.

  • Campervan Association of Naples

    Strada Comunale Guantai Ad Orsolone, 80131, Naples, Naples, Italy

    The Campervan Association of Naples is situated on Via Guantai Orsolona at No. 121. The plot is equi...

  • motorhome

    Motorhome area

    Viale Colli Aminei, 80131, Naples, Naples, Italy

    There is a public parking area with designated spots for motorhomes, located 1.6 km away from Colli ...

  • Motorhome area

    Sp348, 80078, Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy

    A caravan area is located in an environmental park near two nearby cities, making it easily accessib...

  • motorhome

    Motorhome area

    Via Fondi Di Baia, 80070, Bacoli, Naples, Italy

    Our agritourism property offers parking space for up to 10 vehicles. During the summer, guests can e...

  • Motorhome area

    Via Dalbono, 80055, Portici, Naples, Italy

    Enjoy a comfortable and safe overnight stay with parking while exploring the nearby attractions of N...

  • Motorhome area

    Via San Gennariello, 80055, Portici, Naples, Italy

    Mobile home parking available for long-term stays. The parking lot is well-maintained and convenient...

  • Motorhome area

    Via Risorgimento, 80070, Bacoli, Naples, Italy

    Bacoli parking is a convenient option for those who wish to visit Procida from the port of Aquamorta...

  • motorhome

    Motorhome area

    Via Feudo Di San Martino, 81100, Caserta, Caserta, Italy

    The rental price covers water, electricity, and waste services. If you wish to access the premises a...

  • Motorhome area

    Via Cupa Monti, 80056, Herculaneum, Naples, Italy

    Stay at Agricamping Stone Vesuvius, conveniently situated on the slopes of Vesuvius near the Hercula...

  • Pizzeria Vesuvio 12

    Via Provinciale Dell'osservatorio Vesuviano, 80056, Herculaneum, Naples, Italy

    Pizzeria Vesuvio 12 offers private parking for its customers. If you dine at the restaurant, you can...

  • Motorhome area

    Oasi Wwf Bosco Di San Silvestro, 81100, Caserta, Caserta, Italy

    This place is located in the woods near Caserta/Leucio, close to the Reggia di Caserta. It is a secu...

  • Motorhome area

    Via Vitagliano Rossetti, 81100, Caserta, Caserta, Italy

    The picnic area offers camper parking, including overnight stays. There is a bar and restaurant on-s...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Strada Comunale Valle Di Maddaloni-Casola, 81020, Valle di Maddaloni, Caserta, Italy

    Located near a monument, this spot lacks facilities and has a steep access road. There is a quiet pi...

  • camping


    Via Profica Paliata, 80047, San Giuseppe Vesuviano, Naples, Italy

    This campsite is unique and was built by the owners themselves over the course of a year. It is conv...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Viale Filippo Brunelleschi, 81030, Castel Volturno, Caserta, Italy

    Convenient parking available near the beach, perfect for enjoying a full day and night. Wake up to t...

  • nature

    Azienda Agricola Il Giardino Segreto

    Strada Cimitero - Ruderi Cittadella Sannita, 81013, Piana di Monte Verna, Caserta, Italy

    Enjoy a lovely hilltop view near Villa Santa Croce. Visit Azienda Agricola Il Giardino Segreto for d...

  • Agricamper Villa Julia Pompeii

    Via Giuliana, 80045, Pompeii, Naples, Italy

    Visit Villa Julia Pompeii, located in the archaeological zone of Pompeii. The villa features a beaut...

  • nature

    Nature place

    Strada Comunale Caiazzo-Cesarano, 81013, Caiazzo, Caserta, Italy

    There is a possibility to park overnight around 500 meters from Caiazzo. It's located near the road,...

  • Bacco e Arianna

    Sp331, 80045, Pompeii, Naples, Italy

    The restaurant 'Bacco e Arianna' offers private parking for its customers. While there are signs ind...

  • Camping

    Camping Zeus, 80045, Pompeii, Naples, Italy

    This lovely accommodation is surrounded by lush orange trees. It is conveniently located a short 5-m...

  • Private land

    Via Parrelle Civita Giuliana, 80045, Pompeii, Naples, Italy

    Giuliana gives a warm and friendly welcome. The site has excellent facilities, including clean toile...


    Via Parrelle Civita Giuliana, 80045, Pompeii, Naples, Italy

    Enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Vesuvius from LA TERRAZZA DI HERMÉS. This beautiful space features...

  • Camping Spartacus

    Via Plinio, 80045, Pompeii, Naples, Italy

    Pompeii is a pleasant destination to visit. The staff at the front desk are friendly and can speak G...

  • Fortuna Village

    Ristorante Lucullus, 80045, Pompeii, Naples, Italy

    "Fortuna Village" campsite is located between the Pompeii and Spartacus campsites. It offers 30 pitc...

  • Camping

    Hotel Vittoria, 80045, Pompeii, Naples, Italy

    The Pompeii campsite is conveniently located for visiting Pompeii. The facilities are tidy, but it m...

  • motorhome

    Motorhome area

    Via Antonio Segni, 80045, Pompeii, Naples, Italy

    Park in a private area with familiar service and ample space. Experience a peaceful atmosphere with ...

  • motorhome

    Motorhome area

    Via Domitiana, 81034, Mondragone, Caserta, Italy

    The meadow area is divided by posts and offers around 30 parking spaces with no shaded areas. It is ...

  • Motorhome area

    Via Crapolla Ii, 80045, Pompeii, Naples, Italy

    Visit a great place reminiscent of a botanical garden where you can shop for wine, olive oil, and mo...

  • off-road

    Off road place

    Salita Delle Pezze, 80036, Palma Campania, Salerno, Italy

    Enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the picturesque bay of Pompeii, offering a breathtaking sight t...